Venn Diagrams for Reluctant Learners

It is quite common that many students find it hard to relate math language to everyday life. Here is an explanation of Venn Diagrams that is sure to win over even the most reluctant mathematician!

I don’t know who created this so can’t credit the source, but whoever it had both charm and charisma!

One Reply to “Venn Diagrams for Reluctant Learners”

  1. Love it. But not sure that I’ve ever met a reluctant learner. I think it’s built into our DNA to learn those things that we have a vested interest in. And isn’t this what schooling should be about? Now I have met MANY “Disinterested Learners.” In my opinion the fault for this usually lays with either irrelevant content and/or the disinterest on the teacher’s part to either make the content authentic for the students. I usually refer such students as being victims of the “D&D Syndrome” (Disinterested and Disengaged). I always encouraged their transfer to my classes as they were always my diamonds in the rough. Jewels that demanded a setting that required my craftsmanship as an educator. 99% of the time what worked for them would work REALLY well for everyone else in the class. Their “disinterest” was a genuine and honest response to the disdain they had for teachers’ lesson plans having a more important place in the classroom than their learning needs. They taught me so much about the art of teaching.


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