More student writing

Cody is one of my students who has recently learned to love writing. He began this novel a few years ago. Now he is writing almost a chapter a day and is very motivated to see his work published. Let’s give him some kudos by commenting on the website.

Transformers Prime Regeneration Returns

Chapter 1: How it Began

I was a kid like you once. Some say it changed the world. Let me tell you what really happened.

It was a long time ago in a small town called St. George when I was 18. I recently had been put in a life saving suit of body armour. I was walking along Clinch street when I noticed a large wooden statue, the same size and shape as Megatron. I was pretty sure he wasn’t real cause Megatron isn’t real, right? I came closer to it when I saw it move. I tried to get away but he was too fast. I just couldn’t make it.

Next thing I know I’m on surgery table on the Decepticon war ship. {I was already severely injured from cancer that I’m in cased for ever in a robotic suit with only my brain in it.} On another table across the room was a giant robotic suit the size of Break Down. It had a compartment in its chest that was open. There were lots of wires that had exposed ends. The compartment looked the size that I could fit in it. Then I put two and two together and realized that it was for me.

Then I said:”I have to get out of here fast!” I tried to break from the table but they must have thought about that. Then they came into the room, Nock Out, and Megatron. “Why are you doing this?” Then Megatron said:”We need more troops and since you are already part robot we’re just finishing the job. “I can’t believe you’ve sunk this low, stealing humans. You’ve lost your touch, Megatron.”I said.

Then I started to feel woozy. Right then Megatron said:”That would be stasis kicking in. Let’s start Nock Out.”Then everything went black.

Chapter 2: Regeneration is Born

When I awoke I didn’t feel like myself. I mean, how can I put this? You know when you get a scab and your skin feels weird? That’s what it felt like, but it was all over me.

I sat up and took a look around. It was the same room that I was in when I blacked out (horrible memories). I thought I could muster the strength to move but when I tried I found I could not. I looked down at my arm and it was strapped down to the table and it looked not at all like my arm. I wondered what happened to me when I blacked out because I had absolutely no clue what did.

The only thing I remember is a giant drill in my face – then nothing. The only thing I did know was I needed to get out of here at all costs. I had no clue what to do though. The only thing I had was my mind, of course, and my depleted strength. But I was getting stronger by the second. Then I thought if I rocked the table I was on, then it might fall over and I could get out of there.

As soon as I thought of that idea, I started to rocked the table as hard as I could with the little amount of strength I had left. The table started to rock slowly at first but then gradually began to go faster and faster until the thing almost fell over. That’s when I made my move and flipped the table onto its side. But then when I hit the floor, one of the straps broke off, That way I could unhook the rest of the straps holding me down. Then I made a getaway. I dashed for the door. When I got out though, I was face to face with the enemy – a Decepticon.

Chapter 3: One Against a Warship

I could not believe that I was face to face with a con and I was not getting shot at. I was the one to break the silence. “Uh hi,” I said. I guess he did not like what I said because after I said that, he started to throw punches at me so fast I barely dodged them. Then he made contact. At first it was just a couple of little blows, then they started to gradually increase with hard blows that knocked me back.I knew that I had to get away before he put a hole in me.

I tore off in the other direction as soon as I had the chance. I didn’t know my way around the ship as I thought. I didn’t get that far into my plan to think about what way is out yet. So I didn’t know my way out, because I didn’t have time to find my way out. So I started to make my way to the hull. But the thing is that I didn’t know which way to the hull. So I tried, I’m guessing fifteen different directions before I found the right one, and now the whole ship knew I was on board.

I tried to cut through the metal but it was too hard and thick and I only had a dagger. I had a idea but it was really risky. I was going to get some Decepticons, and get them to follow me, then get them to shoot the hull until it breaks, then jump out of it, I hope. I was just about to put my plan into action but then a whole group of Decepticons came around the corner. I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world, but then I remembered my plan. Then they started to shoot. The very first shot broke the hull which was very unexpected, so I jumped out.

Chapter 4 : Goodbye with my Old Life. In with my New Life

I was very shocked at how bright it was outside when I jumped out of the warship. At first I was worried that I would fall to my death, but when I got out I ran into a piece of the ship’s defence spikes. I just hoped I could figure a way off this air ship because there was no way off.

I began my climb to the top of the warship when through the hole I jumped out of, the Cons I found started to shoot at me. I couldn’t believe what a day I was having. I thought it couldn’t get any worse but it did.

Some of the con’s transformed and flew off the ship and started to shoot at me from the air. I tried to climb faster but the con’s keep shooting and they knocked me back even farther than I was when they started. I tried to get them to stop shooting me, so I hit one of them when they came too close to the warship and made him fall from the sky.

“Who wants to join him,” I said. They didn’t want to listen to me so they keep on trying to take a shot at me. Then Megatron came out of the horde of cons coming out of the hole in the ship. He said “ Well, well. Look who’s up. Enjoy your nap?”

Then I lost my cool and said something I regret.” YOU STUPID CON!” He started to shoot at me with full fury. I could barely dodge them.

I really wished I didn’t say that. I needed to get out of that situation right that second before one of them laid a blow that would knock me off the warship. Right before I could think of a plan, one of them got me right in the chest. I started to fall when I hit something that stopped me from falling, but now I was going forward. When I looked down, I saw I was riding a Con!

Right before we got out of range of the Warship, I landed one final shot that took out their engines. Then I immediately grabbed a hold of his armour. Right after I did, he tried to flip me off by flying upside down, but all that did was make us go down closer to the ground. I needed to find a way to control this con before he drove us into the ground.

At last I knew what to do. I had to kill the con! I didn’t want to, but it was do or die, so I took out my dagger hooked to my belt, but it wasn’t there. So I did the unspeakable. I punched a hole in him and he died. I steered us to the ground, but the cons were still after me, so before we hit the ground, I jumped off him and tumbled to the ground. When I stopped, I was in a bunch of plumage. I stayed as still as possible because the cons were searching the area. Then all of a sudden, they left. I mean, I was glad, but why did they leave? When I got out of the bush I didn’t know where I was. “Well, I guess this is my new life,” I said.

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