Registration is Open!

Gaming EDU Online Course

Enroll in our Gaming EDU Online Course for 2019-2020 and cover all the requirements for the Quebec homeschool program

Registration is open!

Click the link to register or ask for more information

  • Weekly Zoom meetings with students of similar interest
  • Assigned individualized homework programs
  • Play games together and compete for your place in the leaderboards
  • Cover requirements for math, science, social studies, French, English, art and personal development
  • Learning plans, mid-term reports/status updates and evaluation reports included
  • Fees: $1500 – 30-week course, including the creation of the learning plan, completion of the midterm report and year-end evaluation, and access to subscription sites required by the course content,
  • Reduced fees for 1:1 tutorials if required
  • 2019 – Open to students in grades 5-8 (Elementary cycle 3 and Secondary cycle 1
  • Class size: 10-15 students

Our Partners in Education:

LEARN Quebec

Register now or ask your questions!

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