Wow – It’s a Season of Changes!

*Edit: No English eligibility required.

I am very hesitant as I write this blog post. Part of me is fuming at what was announced this week – and part of me wants to stand up and shout – “Hey, I can help – I have the resources you need.”

Let me explain.

Quebec Online School Pilot Project 2019-2020

When I first started Quebec Online School, it was never with the intention of serving the entire Quebec homeschool community. I was working with 5 or 6 families, using a variety of online resources from many different companies, and looking for a way to tie it all together under one title. The material was not tied to the QEP and I had no intention of going public with it. I even gave away – or dumped (gasp) thousands of dollars worth of Quebec text books and teacher’s manuals, as no one was interested in taking it for free!

When news of change began to be rumoured in 2017, I saw an opportunity to help other families looking for support in their homeschool ventures and began creating a draft program of online courses from the beginning of elementary to the end of secondary, available in both English and French. Although I worked on this for many months, I realised that it was not really what people were looking for, so set it aside to work on other projects.

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Now we are in a new season again, and it seems that there may indeed be families who need assistance following the progression of learning and preparing for exams at the end of each cycle. So, I am announcing the launch of a pilot program for 2019-2020. The following courses will be available.

  • English as a first or second language Grade 1 to Secondary 5
  • French as a first or second language Grade 1 to Secondary 5
  • Math in English and French from Grade 1 to Secondary 5
  • Science in English and French from Secondary 2 to Secondary 5
  • Social Studies in English and French from Secondary 2 to Secondary 5
  • Monthly parent workshops online for Science and Social Studies Grade 1 to Secondary 1 – English and French.

Quebec Online School Pilot Project 2019-2020

Courses will be held for 30 weeks and be tied directly to the progression of learning. Students will meet with the teacher and 10-15 students once a week for 50 minutes. Lessons will be taught, homework discussed and teachers will give feedback for individual student assignments. During the week, you can review the recorded version of the lesson and work on the next homework assignment.

Fees are $500 per course. This is the average price of an online course WITHOUT a live teacher. There are many courses available that have recorded lessons that allow you to work at your own pace, but not many that have live teachers that are available instantly to answer your questions. Certainly there are not many that match the requirements of the QEP.

A schedule of classes will be published in June. Most likely, classes will be held on Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday, allowing families to have long weekends for other activities.

If you are interested in this pilot project, please complete the registration form. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A minimum of 10 students is needed to host a class. If more than 15 students apply, we will begin a waiting list for a second class.

Quebec Online School Pilot Project 2019-2020

A French version of this post will be coming shortly.

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