Quebec Online School is a business name and does not have a licence as a registered school. Our role is to support and advise parents and students in their homeschool endeavours. We work with the various agencies to ensure that students have access to graduation procedures. Parents remain responsible to submit documents to the ministry and to communicate with their DEM resource person.

The following subscriptions are included with your All in One Package: Reading Eggs and Matific for elementary students, Math Help Services for secondary students, Brainpop, Brainpop Junior, Brainpop Spanish and French for all students and Raz-Kids (English/French).

You will also have access to a shared Google Drive Folder with class materials

Would an “all-in-one” homeschool package interest you for 2020-2021?

  • Learning plan, midterm and year-end reports automatically supplied
  • Teacher evaluation included.
  • 25 weeks of classes – 45 minutes per week
  • Adaptations for remedial or advanced progressions
  • Individual Google Classroom accounts for tracking
  • We meet minimal requirements for Quebec homeschool regulations so you can plan your own worry-free enrichment activites
  • Cost: $1500/year
  • Registration forms at the end of this page.

How it works

There are 25 online classes covering all 5 required subjects spread throughout the year.

In-class assignments will cover all the minimum requirements for the DEM – leaving you free to spend the remainder of the week with other scheduled or unscheduled activites to best suit your family.

Classes are organized by cycle but adaptations and modifications are possible for students who are not working “at level”.

Work is recorded automatically in Google Classroom so there is no need to track activity

Classes start the week of September 14th and are scheduled for 25 weeks until the end of April with time off for Christmas and Spring breaks. If any classes need to be rescheduled during the year, make-up lessons will be in May.

Required Resources

Computer with headset

Learning plans, midterm reports and year-end evaluations

A learning plan, midterm report and evaluation is included in the cost of the program. These should be personalized by the parent with the additional materials or topics you are covering during the year. Resources for these materials are provided with the course.

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