Testimony from an English 12 student

I received an email this morning that really blessed me. I have permission to share it, as well as a sample of the student’s work.

Mrs. Roy has been my English teacher for the last two years of my High School experience. During the time that I have been her student, she has shown me a great amount of support throughout my writing assignments, she has encouraged me through feedback, and she has also helped me develop my writing style as well as inspiring me to use more of my voice throughout my writing. Mrs. Roy is charismatic, kind-hearted, and hard-working. She wants the best for each one of her students and anyone can see that throughout her encouraging comments on assignment files and her welcoming presence on her weekly zoom meetings. Mrs. Roy has been by far my favourite English teacher; and she has helped me discover my passion for writing, by spending her time pouring into me with encouraging words, patience, and a supportive presence. I believe that my High School experience has been so memorable and nice because of the people that God has blessed me with over the years and Mrs. Roy has been one of those people. She has invested her time into me and has believed in me throughout my time as her student.  

~ Cailey P 

The Boy in the Booth

To Be Or Not To Be

Shakespeare is a whole lot of fun – if you understand him. In a recent English class, some of my students were assigned the task of “translating” some scence from Macbeth to modern language. They did a fantastic job. If they give me permission, I will post some samples here in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is an example of reverse translation: The Hokey-Pokey Song – as Shakespeare would have done it!

Making writing interesting

Teaching style in writing can be a challenge. As readers, we know there is a difference between a writing sample that gives “the bare bones”, and those that have the spark of life. Instructions help, but really, the best way to insprire great writing is to provide great examples and let the students deconstruct.

If your student needs some extra tuition in writing styles, contact me for private online sessions. Just a few classes can make a difference.