"Coronvirus" Homeschooling

Coronvirus “Vacation” for Kids at Home

With so many parents finding themselves at home with their kids on an unexpected “vacation”, parents have been asking for resources to help pass the time and make sure their kids don’t fall behind in school. I will update my blog regularly with resources that are easy to use and free or relatively inexpensive. While there is no “right or wrong” way to homeschool, many families appreciate some directions, especially at the beginning.


Here’s an example of a schedule that might work. Notice that you get to sleep in. 🙂

Websites for homeschooling

Don’t worry so much about falling behind. Use the time to reinforce what your child has already learned, find the fun and explore new ideas. Many of these sites are offering free trial periods. When I have time, I will review this page and add some direct links. For now, just Google the name of the website if the link is not supplied

  • Matific
  • IXL (available in French or English)
  • CTC Math
  • Homeschoolmath.net
  • Alchem.ie
  • Prodigy
  • Math U See Worksheets
  • Khan Academy
  • thefreemathtutor.com
  • Dreambox
  • Jumpstart
  • 123homeschool4me
  • 2Simple
  • Arcademics
  • WolfQuest
  • Brainpop
  • ExploreLearningGizmos
  • Ageoflearning.com
  • Newslea
  • https://www.ck12.org/student/
  • Mystery Science
  • Virtual Museum Tours
  • Reading Eggs
  • Razkids (has the same online books in English and French)
  • Duolingo – why not learn a new language!
  • Enchanted Learning
  • Storyboard That
  • HistoryForKids.Net
  • TypingClub.com
  • Kids.NationalGeograpic.Com
  • Squigglepark.com – reading
  • Mysterydoug.com – Science
  • DimensionU
  • Pixton (creating online comics)
  • Generation Genius
  • Spelling city
  • Splash Math
  • Education unboxed
  • BeeLine Reader (for dyslexic readers)
  • Teach Your Monster To Read
  • Time4Learning
  • Backpack Science
  • Book Creator
  • Kindle Kids Book Creator
  • Music Home Learning – I LOVE this one!
  • Endless Alphabet App – Brilliant for teaching phonics
  • Scholastic

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