Deluxe – Elementary 1 to Secondary 3

Quebec Online School is a business name and does not have a licence as a registered school. Our role is to support and advise parents and students in their homeschool endeavours. We work with the various agencies to ensure that students have access to graduation procedures. Parents remain responsible to submit documents to the ministry and to communicate with their DEM resource person.

If you want more to know more about the courses, watch these videos. This is the fastest way to get information out to all the parents wanting details of the courses. If you need more information, please use the Just A Chat link to book a 50-minute appointment. There is a $125 fee for this service.

Registration Form Deluxe Package: Elem – Sec 3

Grades 1-3 – 3 places available

Grades 4-5 – 1 place

Grades 7-9 – 3 places available

While many families are considering homeschooling only because of COVID, they are also discovering a diverse network of innovative educators who have quietly been building standards of excellence amongst traditional homeschooling families. These adaptions are allowing families the flexibility of time and travel with choice in education methodology to suit individual and family needs.

Our “Deluxe” package, with daily rather than weekly online classes will be offered to all students from elementary to secondary. They also have the option to attend several additional classes in Minecraft, virtual worlds, STEM activities and others.

There will be a maximum of 10 students per class. This level of support will be combined with individualized math and reading programs to ensure that all student’s needs are met.

You will also receive deliveries each month of Kiwico packages, National Geographic Kids Magazine and two Surprise Packages geared directly towards your child’s needs.

Your child will have access to a private Minecraft server where they can interact socially with other students and also receive educational building lessons each week.

Your child will have access to a private child-friendly version of Active Worlds Virtual Platform. Using the form of an avatar, they, their classmates and their teacher will visit pioneer villages, space stations, the Titanic, Ancient Egypt and other exotic places. They will also learn to build their own creations within this world.

Your child will learn to code and create online games.

Your child will write and illustrate their own fiction and non-fiction books and publish them on Amazon. Send one to the grandparents or even the DEM as a gift!

You child will learn to create stop-motion videos and other STEM activities

All of this will be offered for $8000 a year – a price that’s much more affordable than the regular English private school distance education.

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