Deluxe Packages

The Deluxe Package is geared for those who plan to graduate this year or next.

Students who have English Eligibility can register with LEARN Quebec for SN Math 4 or 5 and the Secondary 4/5 science courses free of charge. You can also choose psychology and music courses. You will need to go through your school board to do this.

Students who do not have English Eligibility should register for Math and Science courses with North PreUniversity. Payment arrangements can be made directly with the school. There is a 5% discount if you are also registered with Quebec Online School.

French Second Language courses are taught by Payments arranged can be made directly with Michele Potvin.

The DELUXE PACKAGE Sec 4 covers English, ERC, History of Quebec and Canada, Visual Arts and Physical Education

The DELUXE PACKAGE Sec 5 covers English, ERC, Contemporary World History, Financial Education, Visual Arts and Physical Education

Lesson plans, midterm report/status update, completion report and evaluation are also included.

Quebec Online School Fee: $3300.00


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