Evaluations May_June 2021

We are pausing application temporarily when we wait for clarificaiton from the DEM to see if there will be any changes to the requirements for teacher’s evaluation and parent reports this year. Please check back regularily.

If you have purchased a package from us for 2020-2021, your evaluation is included. You do not need to contact us to set a date. We will complete the evaluation from your portfolio and contact you if we have questions.

If you would like to purchase a “stand-alone” evaluation, there are some steps we need you to follow.

First complete the application and send an etransfer to teacher@quebeconlineschool.com. Make sure you mark “evaluation” in the comment section of the etransfer. If you are prompted for a security response, use this word: homeschool


In October, and once we receive your payment, we will send you a link to a shared Google Drive folder as well as some suggestions for collecting and storing work samples throughout the year. These samples will be the basis of your evaluations.

We will also need the following

  1. Your learning plan
  2. Any required/recommended adjustment to your learning plan by the DEM
  3. Your midterm report/status update
  4. Any required/recommended adjustments to your midterm report/status update by the DEM

There are three options available

  1. Teacher evaluation only – $125
  2. Teacher evaluation + assistance with the parent completion report – $250
  3. Teacher evaluation + assistance with the parent completion report + consultation $350

There is a 5% discount for a sibling.

If you choose option #1 or #2, we will create the portfolio and partially-completed report based on your work samples throughout the year. These will be delivered to you by June 1st. If you choose option #3, one of our trained teachers will contact you in April to arrange a consultation time for May or June.

Payment is required in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

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