Final Evaluations and Reports

It’s Almost Summer!

Well – not quite – but it’s time to think about how you will prepare for the final report and evaluation rquired by the DEM. Due to an overwhelming demand for support for evaluations and reports, I have hired an assistant. This opens up over 100 new places in May/June for assistance with your reports and evaluations. Yeah!


In addition to writing your professional evaluations, we will also help you to write your parent’s report, matching your child’s work and progress to the competencies and learning outcomes required by the DEM. All you have to do is forward the documents to the DEM once we complete them. Isn’t that easy!


Angie Meklenschek – or Mrs. Angie as she is fondly known to all her students – has been a pillar in the English homeschool community for almost 30 years. She was speaking openly on the radio twice a year, advocating for homeschool families, when most people were hiding behind closed doors. Although she has moved on from fulltime homeschool activities, she still makes herself available for co-op activities, tutoring and support.


  • Contact us to set up a Zoom appointment with Mrs. Angie. The fee is $100 per child and a 50% deposit is required to reserve the time. You can pay by etransfer to Make sure you indicate your child’s name on the payment.
  • A week before your appointment, send us the following documents
  • Your learning plan
  • Your midterm report if you started homeschooling in 2019 and any feedback from the DEM
  • At least one sample of work for each competency. You are welcome to send more. These samples can include workbook pages, book lists, projects, photos, video or audio recordings, receipts from visits to musuems, science etc.


  • Set up a Zoom meeting to talk to the parent. The child’s participation is welcome, but not obligatory
  • Mrs. Angie will look at your work samples, match them with the Progression of Learning and write the report using language from the Quebec Education Program . If anything is missing, she is very good at asking the right questions so that you can report orally on how your child has progressed this year. Once you are both happy with the report, she will forward it to me, along with the work samples. This process takes about 50 minutes per child.
  • I will examine the samples and reports, then write the professional evaluation. I will send both back to you and you can forward them to the ministry.
  • Once you receive these documents, you pay the balance of the fee.


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