High School History – Canada in the 20th Century

  1. A Different Canada – Canadian immigration  1896 – 1915
  2. Canada and WWI – The Great War
  3. Canada and the Roaring 20s
  4. The 30s  – A Decade of Despair
  5. Canada and WWII
  6. Foreign Policy Debates
  7. The 60s and 70s Hope and Anger
  8. Certainty Amidst Uncertainty
  9. Governmental structures
  10. The Citizen and Government
  11. Canada’s Legal System
  12. The Era of Human Rights
  13. Population and Living Standards
  14. Urbanization and Economy
  15. Environment and Looking Ahead
  16. Final Project
  17. Final Project Presentations

This course runs from September to Jan. Students meet online in Zoom once a week on Monday (time to be confimed). Google Classroom is used to assign and submit homework assignments. The High School English which runs from January to June supports this course by including novels linked to this era.

Fees: $350

Registration Form Here

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