Online Courses 2019-2020


All courses are once a week for 45 minutes and run for 30 weeks from September to May. Cost $450


Middle School Literature and Writing (elementary 5/6 and secondary 1/2) teaches response to literature and writing techniques. Cost $500 for 34 weeks.

High School Literature and Writing (secondary 3-4-5) prepares students for the secondary school exam. Cost $350 for 17 weeks

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction Literature Circles cover ancient civilisations to the middle ages. Aimed at students in grades 6-7-8, these are short 10 courses covering 3 novels for each session. Cost $150 for 10 weeks

Literature and STEAM

Junior STEAM and Canada’s First Nations – learn about Canada’s First Nations through crafts and stories: 10 week course $150

Out of the Box – Middle School STEAM – Learn to use communication boards, create an elevator, secret codes, design a wheelchair accessible playground, create a movie or stop motion video, design a comic book experiment with flight, design an emergency shelter. These are many more skills are the challenges you will face in this engaging literature based STEAM book club for grades 5-8. Cost $150 for 10 weeks.

Anglais langue seconde

Les cours d’anglais langue seconde seront offerts en ligne à partir de septembre 2019. Ces cours font partie d’ICOS – International Christian Online School. Pour plus d’informations sur le contenu du cours et un test de classement, suivez ce lien.

Canada in the 20th Century

Coming soon