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Course Offers 2019-2020

All courses are synchronous blended learning courses with a “live” course once per week. Grades 9-12 English and Social Studies are 18-week courses. All other courses are 36 weeks.

FEES: 18-week courses $300; 36 -week courses $600


Grades 5-6     English Literature & Writing – Reading Adventures
Grades 7-8     English Literature & Writing – Mystery & Adventure
Grades 9-10   English Literature & Writing – Dystopian Futures
Grades 11-12 English Literature & Writing – Old & New Worlds


Level 1 Core – French Phonics and Basic Vocabulary
Level 2 Core – Sentences and Paragraphs – Present Tense
Level 3 Core – Short reports – Present Tense & Past Tenses
Level 4 Core Reports & Narratives – Present, Past & Future Tenses

Social Studies – Junior

Grades 5-8 – The following courses are offered in a cyclic format, beginning with Eastern Hemisphere in September 2019

Eastern Hemisphere
Ancient World History
World Geography
North American Indigenous People

Social Studies – Senior

Grades 9-12 – The following courses are offered in a cyclic format, beginning with Intro to World Geography in September 2019

Intro to World Geography
Modern World History
Canadian History
Church History

Studyforge Math and Science

Classes are available for each grade from grade 5-12.
Students can be combined into multiple grades if necessary

Support and Curriculum Package

Receive support and kid-friendly curriculum all-in-one.