Quebec Exam/Credit Preparation Credit Classes

Exams for all students become compulsary in June 2022.

For those with English eligibity, exams will be provided by the school board. Secondary 4 and 5 exams will be awarded credits towards graduation. Some school boards allow for a teacher evaluation in place of an exam for non-ministry-exam subjects – e.g. secondary 4 English.

Students who do not have English eligibility but who homeschool in English will be provided exams by the DEM. It is unclear if credits will also be awarded for secondary 4/5 exams for these students.

In September 2020, Quebec Online School will be providing group classes in grade 5 math and grade 5-8 English.

We will also be providing group classes in secondary 3-5 English, secondary 4 History/ERC and secondary 5 History/ERC/Financial Education.

Please contact for details.

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