Resources and Activites for Social Studies – Elementary Cycle 1

Objective: To build social awareness in order act as a responsible informed citizen – AKA – be nice to everyone, love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!

Evaluation – There is no official evaluation of social studies in schools in cycle 1. The content is included generally in the instruction of languages – English or French


  • To understand the organization of a society in its territory
  • To interpret change in a society and its territory
  • To be open to the diversity of societies and their territories

Activites – list 3-4 activites

  • Draw pictures showing himself at different places – at home, the park, the mall, the beach
  • Learn about important events on the calendar – birthdays, parties, co-op days
  • Find your home or other familiar places on Google maps
  • Talk about different stages of growth – no teeth, baby teeth, adult teeth, no teeth!
  • Talk about groups – friends, family, culture, sports teams
  • Talk about different cultures – language, religion, clothing, food
  • Talk about art and culture
  • Talk about what money is used for – rent, food, car expenses, entertainment, charity
  • Pay a visit to the city hall
  • Draw rivers, mountains, forests
  • Roles of people in his/her world and appropriate behaviour- parents, friends, neighbors, doctors, police, strangers,
  • “Forest school” activities

Resources – list 2-3

Book List – check my Amazon booklist for other recommendations. Updated regularly. Ask your library or school board to order these.

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