Resources and Activites for Social Studies – Elementary Cycle 2

Objective: To build social awareness in order act as a responsible informed citizen – AKA – be nice to everyone, love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!

Evaluation – School report cards simply list “Geography, History and Citizenship”. There is no breakdown of competencies.


  • To understand the organization of a society in its territory
  • To interpret change in a society and its territory
  • To be open to the diversity of societies and their territories

What’s taught in school

  • Iroquoians, Algonquians and Inca society around 1500
  • New France society and Iroquoians from 1645 until British Rule 1745
  • 13 Colonies around 1745

Activites – list 3-4 activites

  • Visit musuems, collect the free brochures, take a photo and make a scrapbook
  • Play dress-up and act out some of the scenes from the resouces
  • Write an imaginary diary or letter-back-home from a citizen of New France
  • Compare New France way of life with Iroquois or Algonquin way of life. Write about it or make a scrap book of drawing or pictures
  • Draw a cartoon story-board of life in an Iroquois/Algoguin/New France home
  • Forest school – learn about using natural resouces for shelter, food, medicine, clothing
  • Interview a museum curator. Make a recording of questions and answers (Ask permission, of course)
  • Print out some of the images on cardstock ane use popsicle sticks to make a puppet show
  • Visit the chalet on Mount Royal and take photos of the painting. Create a timeline
  • Find a map of New France in 1645 and 1745 and compare it to North America today
  • Take a virtual walking tour of Machu Pichu with Google Cardboard 3D glasses. and Screenshot some of the images. Create a scrap book
  • Use Google Maps to figure out how long it talks to walk from Quebec to Montreal
  • Take a family drive along The Kings Highway

Resources – list 2-3

Book List – check my Amazon Booklist for other recommendations. Updated regularly. Ask your library or school board to order these.

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