Resources and Activites for Social Studies – Elementary Cycle 3

Objective: To build social awareness in order act as a responsible informed citizen – AKA – be nice to everyone, love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!

Evaluation – School report cards simply list “Geography, History and Citizenship”. There is no breakdown of competencies.


  • To understand the organization of a society in its territory
  • To interpret change in a society and its territory
  • To be open to the diversity of societies and their territories

What’s taught in school

  • Canadian society around 1820
  • Quebec society around 1905
  • Quebec society around 1980

Activites – list 3-4 activites

  • Visit musuems, collect the free brochures, take a photo and make a scrapbook
  • Play dress-up and act out some of the scenes from the resouces
  • Write an imaginary diary or letter-back-home from a citizen of this era
  • Compare Iroquois or Algonquin way of life “now and then”. Write about it or make a scrap book of drawing or pictures
  • Draw a cartoon story-board of life in an event in this time period
  • Interview a museum curator. Make a recording of questions and answers (Ask permission, of course)
  • Print out some of the images on cardstock ane use popsicle sticks to make a puppet show
  • Visit the chalet on Mount Royal and take photos of the painting. Create a timeline
  • Find a map of Quebec and/or Canada from in 1820 or 1905 and compare it to North America today
  • Go on a Google World Tour to Quebec City, Vancouver or any other famous landmark from this period and let you child explore the tools on this app. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it. The kids will figure it out!
  • Take an audio walking tour of Montreal and take photos. Create a virtual or paper scrapbook with photos and a short desciption of each stop.
  • Map out a train journey from Halifax to Vancouver. Use Google maps or Google Earth to capture some screenshots along the way and create a photo journal. Talk about the changes between 100 years ago and today
  • The last Sunday of May most museums in Montreal are open to the public free of charge.
  • Watch or read “Little House on the Prairies” and talk about the causes of prejudice and racism.

Resources – list 2-3

Book List – check my Amazon booklist for other recommendations. Updated regularly. Ask your library or school board to order these.

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