Resources and Activities for Math – Elementary Cycle 1

Objective: To provide access to a specific set of knowledges related to the methods, conceptual fields and languages specific to each of the subjects in this subject area- AKA – to build a general knowledge of math and to be able to talk about it.

Evaluation – The Quebec Education Program is designed not just to teach the “mechanics” of math, but also to ensure that the students know how and when to use the different kinds of math that they learn. The “situational problem” is more complex than a word problem, as it often involves multiple math skills such as arithmetic, geometry, measurements, statistics and probability.

In the “progress” samples you provide for evaluation, it is helpful if students show that they understand the problem and how they came to the correct answer. The progam allows for multiple approaches and both oral or written exaplanations. Calculators are allowed at the secondary level for everyone, and at the elementary level if adapations are required.


  • Solves a situation problem
  • Uses mathematical reasoning

Activites Grade 1 – list 3-4 activites

  • Write numbers – on paper, in sand, finger paint, shaving cream and food colouring etc
  • Represent numbers – 2 cars, 3 blocks, 4 bottle tops etc
  • Counting – less and more, smaller than, bigger than, equal to, inceasing and decreasing order
  • Patterns with numbers, shapes and other objects – build these with Lego
  • Behind, before, above, below, etc
  • Skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5,
  • Count from a given number
  • How many sides, faces on 2D and 3D objects
  • Money – 1C 5c !0c
  • Days of week , months of year, seasons, times of the time
  • Simple tables and graphs
  • Addition facts 0 – 19
  • Subtraction facts 0-10
  • Writing number sentences (2+4=6)
  • Equivalent expressions 2+2 = 3+1
  • “Making 10” – 7+3, 2+8
  • Using a calculator
  • Simple fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 – make these visual
  • Breaking numbers such as 79 into 7 tens and 9 ones (up to 100)
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Symmetry
  • Probabilities and combinations
  • Approiximating
  • 2-digit addition and subtraction (without carrying or borrowing)
  • Fun – idea – do timed math worksheets with “The Final Countdown” as backgound motivational music.

Resources – list 2-3

Book List – coming soon

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