Resources and Activities for Science – Elementary Cycle 1

Objective: To provide access to a specific set of knowledges related to the methos, conceptual fields and languages specific to each of the subjects in this subject area- AKA – to build a general knowledge of science and to be able to talk about it.

Evaluation – There is no official evaluation of science in schools in cycle 1. The content is included generally in the instruction of languages – English or French


  • To explore the world of science and technology – AKA – to learn how and why things work they way they do, to learn the vocabulary used in science studies and to use to use simple tools and methods to find answers to things and explain what has been done.

Activites – list 3-4 activites

  • Learn how things are the same or different – shape, size, texture, smell etc (also known as properties of matter)
  • Learn how things change eg. snow to water to steam (also known as conversation of matter)
  • Learn how some things mix (Koolaid) and how some don’t (oil and water) – miscible and nonmiscible substances
  • Experiment with different brands of paper towels to see which absorbs water best (absorption)
  • Slide marbles on wood floor v carpet (friction)
  • Play with magnets
  • Talk about kitchen tools and their purposes (corkscrew)
  • Discuss why days are longer in summer than winter
  • Track the temperature once a week for the year
  • Play with your shadow
  • Build a skeleton from playdoh
  • Plant a seed in a plastic see-through cup and watch it grow
  • Talk about needs of animals v plants v people

Free Resources – list 2-3

Book List – coming soon

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