Quebec Online School is a business name and does not have a licence as a registered school. Our role is to support and advise parents and students in their homeschool endeavours. We work with the various agencies to ensure that students have access to graduation procedures. Parents remain responsible to submit documents to the ministry and to communicate with their DEM resource person.

I am very honoured by the reviews people have been posting on my Facebook page.

I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Quebec online school. Mrs. Roy is incredibly helpful, kind and patient. She makes learning fun and creates a great environment with her students. I couldn’t recommend it more ! – Juliana

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Open to accommodating different learning styles and helping your kids do well. Highly recommended – Rowan

Sinead is incredibly dynamic and understands the love of learning children inherently possess. She teaches students in a way that maintains their connection to that love and guides parents in methods to help that love of learning flourish! – Dawn

Sinead is incredibly resourceful, patient, positive and knowledgeable. She is really the go-to person in terms of anything homeschool related. I trust her and appreciate her work 100% – Klara

Sinead offers great info and support to homeschoolers. She is very helpful no matter the style of homeschooling you do. I highly recommend her services and her site! – Lisa

Sinead was a tremendous help to me and my family when we were making a decision about homeschooling. She is incredibly knowledgeable and caring and goes to great lengths to answer your questions and to make you feel calm and confident about whatever decision you make. She has great classes and resources for all ages and subjects. I am so glad I found her! – Anita

We had our official evaluations done by Sinead Roy and she is the best. Very knowledgeable and warm, easy going and professional. Thanks. – Christian

My 15 yo son had online tutoring with Sinead and he really enjoyed working with her. She was able to work at his own pace. Sinead took him where he was and supported him so he could learn and master what he wanted to achieve his goal. – France

If you’re just starting to homeschool or if you don’t want the headache of figuring out on your own how to follow government regulations, Quebec Online School is a wonderful option. Sinead is warm and friendly and gives great guidance. – Beatrice

 Definitely recommend. Knowledgeable and comprehensive for the students, all the while keeping it interesting. Meeting your kids where they are at and cultivating an interest to learning and moving ahead. – Norma

An indispensable service for homeschoolers in Quebec. Clear, concise and up to date information offered by an experienced homeschooler and educator. Kind and friendly service. – Myssi

Sinead is a very experienced educator, she made transitioning from mainstream school to homeschool so smooth for my son and was super helpful and up to date with all government regulations. I highly recommend Sinead, she is kind, patient, very well informed and you can tell she really puts her heart into everything she does. Thanks Sinead! – Reem

I have known Sinead for a few years and I have always been impressed with her honesty, her patience, and the easiness with which she can help a child with difficult concepts. I highly recommend Quebec Online School. – Maire

Sinead is an engaging and inspiring teacher. My son always loved to write but would freeze if asked to write something specific. We decided to try an English class with Quebec Online School and now it’s heartwarming to see him excited to complete his writing assignments! The first assignments were low-stress and perfect to ease the students into writing without even realizing it. We highly recommend the class and look forward to more next year. – Venetia

Sinead is incredibly motivated to support and reveal the dynamics and nuances of homeschool learning. Our family’s neurodiversity is honoured during our collaboration with her, She has consistently been a source of positivity and and encouragement to our homeschooling community. Grateful – Erin

I have known Miss Sinead in the education field for almost two decades. She has tutored several of my children and others have taken online courses with her before it was a thing. She has been a precious resource to my wife and me in the choice of curriculum and career development. She is no nonsense, getting to the heart of the matter and saving countless time. Her knowledge in homeschooling and online education has been earned with over twenty years of experience. She is an extraordinary teacher in whom I have full confidence. – Michael

This is where to go when you need help with homeschooling. So informative and resourceful. My homeschooling experience is so much easier and stress free due to Sinead’s help. – Betty

I can attest to the founder’s knowledge, as well as her helpfulness, and kindness. Sinead was able to break down, and create the possibility of a breakthrough, for a long time struggling learner, to reach a long held goal. She is confident, well informed, and has a talent for communicating. She was able to convey the needed information in such a way as to be supportive, and even inspiring. Mitigating the anxiety & hopelessness previously felt. – Marilyn

We are already 2 years with Sinead , because she is professional and helpful. I also registered my kids with the all in one curriculum for the next school year – Lumière

I know Mrs Roy for long time and I was witness of all the good work that she made for all those years. If you want more detail contact Sinead Roy. Thank you Mrs Roy for your talents. – Sylvio

Sinead is offering something unique in Quebec! She knows how to help you and your family on your homeschooling adventure. – Maire

I would highly recommend Sinead and her online homeschooling resources. She was my son’s teacher as well as vice-principal through grades 10 and 11 and she was excellent in dealing with him and his Asperger issues. – Jean

Quebec Online School is about inspired learning. – Christine

Sinead has provided many invaluable services to myself and my family, I highly recommend her services. She’s been a fantastic resource in everything from helping plan a learning project, to evaluating my daughter. We are greatly looking forward to joining her online school in September. – Meagan

Sinead is providing a very interesting way of learning in a homeschool context. The offered activites are motivating and fun for kids, and also adapted with Quebec legal requirements. I recommend! – Marine

As a certified teacher who was also the principal of a private school at one time, Sinead is very knowledgeable about the world of education and is an excellent resource for us as homeschoolers! She is a helpful liaison between our world and that of the Department of Education. She did my children’s end of year evaluation last year and I felt very comforted knowing we were in her capable hands. I highly recommend working with her! – Severine

I have contacted Sinead Roy to receive information regarding Post Secondary Education for my homeschooler son and found Ms. Roy to be very knowledgeable with the Québec educational system and I am very grateful to Ms. Roy for sharing her expertise with our homeschooling community. – Myriam

I am so happy that I found Sinead to help me navigate government regulations. She’s a joy to work with. She is always there to help with any concerns you may have. She is wonderful with my son and has made homeschooling so much more enjoyable. I strongly recommend her and Quebec Online School. – Joannie

Sinead has been an invaluable asset to our homeschool. A godsend. I dare not think of where I would be without her. She has brought focus and saneness to our journey as life long learners. Given some much-needed encouragement to this weary mom of two extraordinary out-of-the-box kids. She can translate my projects into educationese. She has saved my sanity with her ease of navigating all things government and its ugly sister, paperwork. My children love and trust her. – Nathalie

The Quebec Online School is the first online school in Quebec – it gives a great possibility for parents to stay up to date with the Quebec ministry requierements, and follow their own curriculum at the same time. More personal approach is also possible when one’s kid might need extra help. Mrs Roy provides group lessons, as part of the QOS program, as well as tutoring classes, as a separate thing. You choose what suits better for you and your kid – it’s such a great support! – Anastassia

Sinead is a brilliant, experienced teacher + homeschooler. She understands the school system AND homeschooling. For me, she has been the connecting link between what the ministry demands, and how I imagine my kids’ education. She has helped me with learning plans, did my midterm, end of year reports and evaluations; on top of that, she has provided extra support in a time of need. She is simply fantastic. – Ani

Sinead is very enthusiastic and knowleable about her job. I am very grateful that I met her. She was very helpful, supportive, and guided me through the preparation of my daughter’s homeschool reports. – Laura

Sinead is very knowledgeable about homeschooling in Quebec, from both a professional and parental standpoint. We homeschooled our three kids from preschool through high school, with successful admission to post secondary studies. At points along the way in the high school years I needed help navigating the QC school system and school boards. This was right at the time of the changes to QC’s homeschool laws. Sinead’s wisdom and experience was very helpful. I have always felt that Sinead is an amazing resource in the homeschool community. I highly recommend her services. – Renee

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