Mrs. Roy has been my English teacher for the last two years of my High School experience. During the time that I have been her student, she has shown me a great amount of support throughout my writing assignments, she has encouraged me through feedback, and she has also helped me develop my writing style as well as inspiring me to use more of my voice throughout my writing. Mrs. Roy is charismatic, kind-hearted, and hard-working. She wants the best for each one of her students and anyone can see that throughout her encouraging comments on assignment files and her welcoming presence on her weekly zoom meetings. Mrs. Roy has been by far my favourite English teacher; and she has helped me discover my passion for writing, by spending her time pouring into me with encouraging words, patience, and a supportive presence. I believe that my High School experience has been so memorable and nice because of the people that God has blessed me with over the years and Mrs. Roy has been one of those people. She has invested her time into me and has believed in me throughout my time as her student.  

Cailey P.

Testimony from an online student.

C.P.  is one of my online students and such a sweetheart. She has had some serious health problems in the past and still visits her doctor very often. She comes from a wonderfully supportive family. They love her to bits and believe in her 100%.

Here is an email she sent me this morning. 

Mrs Roy is a lovely woman. She is intelligent, she is patient, and she is kind. She always answers all my questions in depth so that I know what I am supposed to be doing. She helps me with whatever I ask her about and asks about my doctors’ appointments.

She is so patient because she is good with teenagers and she has a good heart. She is kind because she answers all of my questions when I need help with something.

She is my science teacher and my social studies teacher.  She is really helpful with my work. She is a really intelligent lady. She touches my heart.

From C.P.

Another happy mama.

I was so happy to get this email this morning. Parents are the best teachers for their kids – who can doubt that!  

I’m so grateful to have found Sinead Roy to review my son’s portfolio this year! She has helped me out on many occasions. It’s wonderful to have found someone so kind and supportive. I know she’s there if I have any questions.  She has lots of homeschool experience as well, so it’s a relief to know that I won’t be judged for my decision to homeschool my child. I have nothing but great things to say about her.

From Joannie
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I have had a very pleasant experience with Sinead evaluating my 3 children. She has a pleasant personality, ensures the children are at ease, avoids stressful “test” situations.  She looks at all the work done all year and takes it into account, writes well detailed comprehensive reports. I am using her services for next year’s evaluation as well, as I trust her expertise.