Visual Arts

In September 2020, Quebec Online School will start its first Visual Arts program geared towards secondary students. These courses are mostly asynchronous, meaning the students can complete the work at their own time, meeting with the teacher in Zoom just a few times a year. We have a very experienced art teacher – Robin McPhee – designing this course. You can read about her on the About Us page. Modules will include outdoor photography and photo-stories, art in advertising and hand-made cards. Water-colour techniques include shading, fine details, colour blending, colour selection, wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry. Students will also visit art museums (real-life or virtual – to be decided). and recreate a work of art using pastels. They will learn some digital art techniques and create digital portfolios for the end of the year.

As a teacher in a private school, Robin is fully aware of the requirements of the ministry for secondary 4 and 5 credits.

Fee: $600 plus materials

Open to all students in secondary level.

Registration form here.

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